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Fees & Airfares

Canoe Arctic Inc.
P.O. Box 130
Fort Smith, NT
Canada X0E 0P0
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Fees and Airfares

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Fees are based on our grouping our clients (who usually approach Canoe Arctic Inc. as singles or pairs) into parties of nine persons. With the addition of Alex Hall as guide, the typical Canoe Arctic party numbers ten people in five canoes. Our fee is determined by adding our guiding-outfitting rate (land cost) to the appropriate air charter rate (air charter cost) as summarized below.

Guiding-Outfitting Rate (Land Cost) – 2018
- $330 CAD ($266 USD) per person per day.
- The above US price is approximate and was calculated from November 10, 2017 bank rates of $1.00 USD equals $1.24 CAD.
- All trips operated by Canoe Arctic Inc. are guided by Alex Hall. All food and equipment is provided.

Air Charter Rates (Air Charter Cost) – 2018
All of the canoe trips outlined in our schedules for the years 2018 and 2019 are located in the vast, uninhabited interior of Canada’s mainland arctic, east of Great Slave Lake. Because the nearest roads and communities lie hundreds of miles away, long distance flights by bush aircraft are required for both the access and exit points of each trip. We operate on the most remote rivers on Earth so the air charter costs of our trips are considerable.

All of our canoe trips depart from and return to Fort Smith, N.W.T. via chartered amphibian and float airplanes. Air charter rates and fuel costs for the types and combinations of aircraft we use (de Havilland Turbo Otter, Cessna Caravan, Cessna 185 and Cessna 206) are summarized in the detailed descriptions that are available for each of our trips. All of our 2018 trips are located between 200 and 424 air miles northeast of Fort Smith. Total miles flown on the two round trip flights required for each canoe trip range from 869 air miles for our trips near treeline to 1,592 air miles for our trips furthest out on the tundra. This results in air charter fees ranging from $2349 to $4059 CAD ($1894 – $3273 USD) per person for our canoe trips in the year 2018.

Early Booking Discount
Anyone who reserves space on a trip by October 31 for the following summer will be guaranteed the guiding-outfitting rate we charged for the previous summer.

Referral Discount
Refer a client and receive a discount of 10% off the guiding-outfitting fees on your next trip with us.

Frequency Discount
On average, 30% of our clients in any given year have taken trips with us before. Repeat clients begin to earn a 10% discount on guiding-outfitting fees upon booking their third trip with us. No combination of discounts will exceed 10% off the guiding-outfitting fees.

Federal Tax
Canada’s Federal Government collects a 5% “Goods and Services Tax” (GST) on virtually all goods and services consumed in Canada. Our trips are subject to this tax.

Booking a Trip / Payments and Cancellations
To book your reservation, Canoe Arctic Inc. requires your completed application form, the signed liability waiver, and a deposit of $600 CAD or USD per person. Ninety days prior to the departure date of the canoe trip, a second deposit is required to complete payment of the guiding-outfitting fees plus 50% of the estimated air charter cost. The remainder of the air charter cost is due on completion of the canoe trip. Personal cheques payable to Canoe Arctic Inc. are preferred for all payments. We cannot accept credit cards. Refund, less $200 CAD per person, will be made if your cancellation is received by April 1, or after this date, provided cancellation is received 90 days or more prior to the departure date. Refund will be made after April 1 with less than 90 days cancellation notice if Canoe Arctic Inc. can find a substitute client. Cancellation insurance is available through your bank, travel agents, automobile associations or your insurance broker.

Payments in US Dollars
All prices are in Canadian dollars. US prices shown in brackets are approximate and were calculated from November 10, 2017 bank rates, but exchange rates fluctuate on a daily basis. Exchange rates on US cheques (checks) are determined by our bank at the time of deposit in our bank account.

Fort Smith, N.W.T. is served by direct flights from Edmonton, Alberta. Edmonton, in turn, enjoys direct daily jet services from Toronto, Newark, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, San Francisco, Calgary and Vancouver, and is easily accessed via one of these eight cities from any major city in North America. Northwestern Air Lease Ltd. operates direct daily flights (except on Wednesdays and Saturdays) between Edmonton and Fort Smith (special fares for Canoe Arctic clients range from $988 to $1219 CAD for the round trip). Northwestern Air also operates two flights per day (Monday – Friday) between Yellowknife, N.W.T. and Fort Smith. Round trip fare is $847 CAD or $786 CAD for those aged 60 and over.


P.O. Box 130
Fort Smith, NT.
Canada X0E 0P0
(867) 872-2308